Green Valley, Arizona

15-12-16 Saguaro NP East Garwood Dam - Greg, Terry, Henry, Marcy, Roger
We met up with friends, 2 couples we had met last year, for lunch at El Molinito restaurant followed by a hike to Garwood Dam in Saguaro National Park East.

Our hikes to this area last year

15-12-22 Hacienda de la Canoa—Docent Tour -001
We organized meeting for a docent led tour of this ranch that had once encompassed all the land in Green Valley.
15-12-22 Hacienda de la Canoa—Docent Tour -003
A view towards Madera Canyon and the Santa Rita mountains.
15-12-22 Hacienda de la Canoa—Docent Tour -005
A detail of the historic fence and refurbished gate. There is also a blacksmithing shop on site.
15-12-22 Condo Lunch Marcy Greg Henry Terry Roger
Our picnic lunch at our casita in Green Valley. A great afternoon as all hung around through wine o’clock. We were well sugared with donuts and hand baked goodies but that balanced the salads and chicken.
15-12-19 Green Valley Sunset -002
A beautiful sunset a short stroll from the casita.

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