Organ Mountains, New Mexico

15-12-09 Aguirre CG Henry -001 Henry
We motored South with a stop at Bosque De Apache NWS for lunch with the cranes before setting up this campsite east of Las Cruces.
15-12-08 Aguirre CG -006 Henry
Wine O’clock with a sunset view!
15-12-08 Aguirre CG -005
A picturesque plateau for our tent that overlooks the White Sands in the distance.
15-12-09 Aguirre CG Sunset -002
A morning sunrise – we were three nights/mornings in this camp.
15-12-08 Aguirre CG -001
Morning sunrise – I’m Photographer while Barista is fixing the java.
15-12-09 Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks NM -001
Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, the hike to the historic camp from the visitor center.
15-12-09 Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks NM -002
Some rugged and beautiful country. Our camp is on the other side of these Organ Mountains. We also explored the museum in Las Cruces to see the Permian Seacoast fossil castings from Prehistoric Trackways National Monument.

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