Chiricahua National Monument

15-01-07 Chiricahua NM -004
Echo Canyon Trail into the valley of rock formations. We hiked one loop trail on the Jan-6th and got a shuttle van on the 7th to hike back to the campground.
15-01-06 Chiricahua NM -007
Balanced rocks and blue skies.
15-01-07 Chiricahua NM -024
So little sense of scale. We feel minuscule.
15-01-06 Chiricahua NM -004
Atlas Shrugged!
15-01-07 Chiricahua NM -015
Exploring the Grotto of big boulders.
15-01-06 Chiricahua NM -012
A Rubber Ducky! With a Chem Trail…Ha!
15-01-07 Chiricahua NM -002
Morning Moon-Rise over our campsite.
15-01-06 Chiricahua NM -015
The evening of Jan-6th we decided to cook dinner at Masai Point Overlook to enjoy a sunset and then stay and enjoy some star gazing. Henry’s one-pot wonder was Alfredo noodles with salmon!
15-01-06 Chiricahua NM -017
Oh yes – Spectacular! We were the only ones at the overlook to see this view!

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