USA Procycling 2014 for 4th Year

14-08-21 Procycling in Colorado Springs (1)
We have both been riding many miles this year and deserve to be on this podium in Colorado Springs…Henry has logged in over 2,300 miles and Pam over 1,400.
2013-08-24 Vail time Trial (9)
Hey – here is our Jelly Belly team bus waiting for us at Vail.
14-08-23 Procycling Time Trail in Vail (6)
Watching George Hincapie’s last professional race at the USA Procycling Challenge Time Trail in Vail. No we did not take a selfie..
14-08-23 Procycling Time Trail in Vail (9)
Tom Danielson is in the yellow jersey today for the time trial. Did I mention how unseasonably cold and rainy it was? We skipped the podium and went right for some hot soup.
14-08-23 Mini Parking space in Vail (1)
It was so crowded we got one of the last parking spaces! Best for mini vehicles – flip up those mirrors.

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  1. SO glad I checked your blog out. Wonderful pictures. Don’t forget to go to Tucson’s Cactus Botanical Gardens.
    Enjoy your travels

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