Evergreen Adventure

14-05 Evergreen -040

So we motored the MINI up to Evergreen in May to house-sit for some friends…

14-05 Evergreen -002

They thought we would enjoy their view of Mt Evans…

14-05 Evergreen -008 Vlad n Polly Watching Chipmunk

They wanted their felines Polly n Vlad to have some company…

14-05 Evergreen -021 Morning Wildlife

We enjoyed the wildlife that wandered by in the morning

14-05 Evergreen -028

Some great hikes with more good views.

14-05 Evergreen -030

Lots of deer. we also saw elk, a couple foxes along with lots of chipmunks and squirrels.

14-05 Evergreen -037

Wildflowers blooming like these lovely pasque flowers.

13-09 Tim and Kris's

The weather got warm enough to enjoy the patio and sunset view.

14-05 Evergreen -016

A couple interesting storms and sunsets made it a very pleasant stay. Thanks for the opportunity.

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