Anza Borrego

Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail was our destination. After about a 90 minute drive from Palm Desert, we stopped into the Anza Borrego State Park visitor center to enjoy the movie, the exhibits, get some info about the park, and to wander the adjacent nature trails. It was a beautiful day and more green in the desert than at San Jacinto area, probably due to being futher south and a bit lower in elevation. We started our hike from the visitor center with the connecting trail to the campground,

Anza Borrego Ocatillo blooming 01-12-11

There was a flowing stream that we paused to enjoy. Just really a beautiful day!

Anza Borrego Palm Canyon with Henry 01-12-11

After visiting the palm oasis, we chose this area to hang out for a bit and enjoy our picnic lunch. Very serene.

Lunch spot in Anza Borrego Palm Canyon 01-12-11

Did you see any sheep? another hiker asked us. No we replied. Well you are about to…this was the icing on the cake! We actually saw the Pensinsula big horn sheep at the end of our hike. Not only that we saw about 20 female and 8 male – how spectacular is that!

We saw 28 Peninsula Big Horn Sheep 01-12-11

It was tempting to watch until it was too dark to walk! But we left them to their life…grazing on the hillside.  We remembered hearing from the movie that 2/3 of the Penisula Big Horn live in this park – not sure how many that is but it was a treat to see this grouping.

big horn sheep 01-12-11

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