Palm Springs International Film Festival

With 7 PM tickets to see the documentary “How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster”, we headed into Palm Springs for lunch at Spencer’s, a sponsor of the the event. We enjoyed the piano music while savoring our meal – Yum! We walked off a few calories to the convention center to cheer on the celebrities as they came to the awards gala.

Waiting by the Red Carpet Jan 8, 2011

The sun was warm as was the crowd of fans – full of excitement and anticipation. We claimed a spot and waited for the limos to arrive.

The red carpet area Jan 8, 2011

The new crews and coordinators getting everything set up. We stuck around and saw Wendie Malick, Mary Hart, and JesseEisenburg. Here is a link from the local Channel 2 with all the coverage and the official Film Fest web site And yes we both enjoyed the documentary about Norman Foster.

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