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Phoenix, AZ with Family

We drove to Phoenix to be with these wonderful people! My aunt and uncle have another seasonal rental in Sun City. We coordinated our visit to also be with Mom.

We met J & J who were camped at White Tanks for an outing.

The ladies all looking good in turquoise or is that teal sky!

And the guys in khaki…not like we coordinated our hiking outfits.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch after the walk to the waterfall. Photos from previous walk http://tealsky.com/2016/01/09/white-tank-mts-phoenix-area/

A joint birthday celebration!

And a very nice dinner out at Firebirds. We each had something different!

We ended our time together with lunch at the Arizona Biltmore, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The red flowers enhance the composition.

As does the palm tree with the roof line.

An entry canopy.

We did not swim in this lovely pool but we did enjoy the rec centers in Sun City – the tennis, pool and hot tub.

The Sprites….there are some of these in Dow Gardens in Midland. There were 6 here guarding the grounds.

Stained glass window in lobby is classic FLW.

We had lunch on the outdoor patio next to the waterfall, not this private room.

The indoor portion of the restaurant.

Until we meet up again, we will have the memories of this time together in Arizona.

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Working Mt Lemmon

We are doing maintenance in the parking areas and pullouts on the Catalina Highway. With all the cigarette butts, we are amazed there is not a fire every day. Smokey Bear must be watching over us.

Gorgeous scenery along the way. Photos from a non-working day http://tealsky.com/2014/12/22/mt-lemmon-daytrippers/

Picnic lunch to appreciate the scenery.

Complete with ducks begging for scraps.

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Winnebago Travato 59K Insulating Doors

We realized doors were not insulated, so we carefully removed cover panels on the back doors and sliding door.

We lined the cavities with 2″ thick batt insulation. We are happy with the results as it seems to cut down on cold air drafts as well as hot air infiltration.

We used a total 7 rolls of 16″ x 48″ unfaced fiberglass, purchased at the local Home Depot.

This is the lower portion of the sliding door. We also used some Great Stuff “Big Gap Filler” insulating foam sealant on the top and bottom 8″ of the sliding door for more efficient seal.

This is the back passenger door before insulation. There is option for a storage compartment but we wanted the insulation.

This is back driver side door which also shows an option for additional storage.

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January 2018 at Sabino Canyon, AZ

Ready to Celebrate Happy New Year 2018!

What a beautiful New Year Eve Sunset

A view of our picnic area. Ready for some errands in Tucson.

Along East Bear Creek Trail – an easy 3 mile loop we walk from our camp.

Looking down on the island at 3.7 miles on the road from Phoneline Trail.

This is 3.7 island and the end of the road for the trams. This a little garden area we have adopted by adding an occatillo last year, and this year a staghorn cholla, a barrel cactus, as well as an agave (at my feet). We pruned the beautiful hop bush and left a few other interesting plants. Many people touch the rock as an achievement for running or walking to this point so we made it a bit more accessible. We make weekly trips to water and keep the weedy grass from regrowing.

Another beautiful sunset in the canyon from our camp!

A hike to 7 Falls — no water at all in any of the stream crossing. And no water falls but a beautiful reflection pond is still retaining some water.

One of the many art shots we took while appreciating how the reflection was more scenic because of heightened contrast.

A really nice spot to hang out and contemplate before our 4-mile walk back to camp.

The Canyon during the three day government shutdown: the parking lots and visitor center were closed, creating work for law enforcement.

We spent a day at Catalina State Park with Joan and Jim – we hiked some of the trail to Romero Pools, enjoyed a picnic lunch together, wine o’clock at their camp followed by Joan’s delicious beef stew. Nice day.

Back on the job, we refinished 4 teak benches at the visitor center. Lots of sanding, bending over, and 2 coats of linseed oil.

Two of the larger benches that get more sun damage.

Oh but they feel sooooo nice. Such a good job~!

Couldn’t resist a detail shot!

Storm clouds but still no rain. It is extremely dry — very different from last January!  But enjoying another beautiful sunset.

And the full super blue blood moon rise.

We enjoyed one night from our camp site and the other at Saguaro National Park West with the native flute music.

A wonderful way to end this January 2018.

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A Tucson Birthday Celebration

A special three dimensional card made by my friend Wendy in Spain – can’t believe it has been 10 years since we met them and been together. Very nice we still communicate! This card is more beautiful in person with the amethysts and pearls. I am loving the squirrels.

Happy hour party with our friends! We met all 4 years ago: fun to get everyone together.

Burgers and beer on Zinburger’s patio in front of the fireplace.

And of course some wine…a Mischief Red. Appropriate!

M & R surprised me with a gorgeous and yummy cake. We divided into 8 pieces and devoured the entire delight!

J & J brought some gifts for the aging – a diaper, um, swim suit bag – and assistance for those difficult jars.

The next night, we indulged with a nice quiet meal out. And more wine.

And more desert!

And the next night, we celebrated with champagne, flan, and strawberries…

with some more cards and gifts….

…and friends bearing consumable gifts. Good we will be able to keep the party going for a while!

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Heading to Sabino Canyon, Arizona

Retracing our steps, we picked up the MINI in Denver, the Travato in Kansas, and returned to Lake Meredith to catch up on sleep. http://tealsky.com/2016/11/11/oklahoma-texas-panhandles/

We revisited White Sands NM for a beautiful hike on the dunes. http://tealsky.com/2015/12/09/white-sands-new-mexico/

We camped near by on this picturesque pond.

Near Las Cruces, we enjoyed this spot in the Organ Mountains NM for a few nights – meeting up with an architecture friend for a Rotary event. First time here in the Travato  http://tealsky.com/2015/12/08/organ-mountains-new-mexico/

Back at our site #2 in Sabino Canyon, enjoying happy hour with Site #1 friends, co-volunteers. Last time we saw them: http://tealsky.com/2017/05/22/flying-from-ft-collins-colorado/

The sunsets are memorable looking east with the saguaros in the foreground. Pictures from a year ago http://tealsky.com/2017/01/15/sabino-canyon-tucson-first-weekfull-moon/

A coworker made this awesome flan for the holiday party! We had to try three servings just to make sure it was as good as it looked!

A Merry Christmas to You Saguaro Nativity.

Sabino Creek is very low with no water flowing, just a few little reflection pools.

This coati was hanging around one of the little pools with 4 other family members – we sure enjoyed watching them forage!

Some incredibly nice fall color as we started our work routine up the canyon.

Hiking on another day we found this pop up art installation of balanced rocks.

This must take a lot of patience but it was very fun to come across it. A peaceful way to start 2018.

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Family Memories

Happy faces – good to enjoy the family.

What is more fun than taking a three year old to the zoo!

Maybe driving your own sports car in the yard – with your favorite play mate to push you?

Or a walk to the store with undivided attention?

Another beautiful family face in a selfie with his aunt.

Brothers enjoying having additional play mates to make a foursome for Monopoly.

The little sister is a bit camera shy – or maybe just busy with her other cousins.

It is make your own pizza night. We have coordinated our visit to be with my parents from Michigan.

We enjoyed some time in Evergreen – You never know when your last time to be with someone might be. This will be my memory.

Very fun taking pictures of Evergreen Lake, the shore and the reflections.

And lots of elk to get some close up photos. My Dad, the photographer, was especially thrilled. Pictures from enjoying time with them in Summit County earlier this year http://tealsky.com/2017/06/17/more-adventures-in-summit-county-colorado/

We went to Miami to visit another Mom and her care giver – a celebration lunch.

Three generations of beautiful women! The little one is getting strong and preparing those legs to walk! She has grown a lot! http://tealsky.com/2017/04/04/back-to-miami/

An unexpected trip to Michigan. Dad fell off a ladder while working on his beautiful home. He was having a regular day, doing his chores, on the property he loved.

A family reunion – the day after the memorial service.

Thank you Dad for all the wonderful memories, for providing the family with your love and guidance, and for being with us for so many years. I will miss you.

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